Sarbajit Saha

  • MindStretch PHP Developer(Intern) 01/01/2016 - 01/07/2016
    Worked on Project AppConnect which consisted of the development of an Enterprise Service Bus based on PHP and XML.

  • Internship under Professor Saptarshi Ghosh (IIT Kharagpur) 01/12/2016 – Present
    Worked on a legal IR(Information Retrieval) project, which involves finding similar legal judgements using various measures such as citation network analysis and text similarity methods(doc2vec, word2vec, tfidf, LDA etc.)

  • Freelance work as Android and Full Stack Web Developer
    1. Twilio API integration with website built using PHP, Jquery and Bootstrap
    2. Website and Android app for student teacher management system
    3. Android app with PHP backend for an ecommerce site
    4. Android app for rooted phones to automate answering calls with pre defined pattern
    5. Custom android apps integrating with various APIs
    6. Various Web scraping projects to extract information from sites such as Udemy, Reddit etc.
    7. Development of Reddit bots

  • Play Store
    1. Pierra - An Android app which applies the styles of famous painters such as Picasso, Pierre, da Vinci onto your images, turning them into unique pieces of art, built using Tensorflow Mobile and OpenCV Library
      3000+ downloads
    2. Batch Uninstaller - Uninstall multiple apps at once
      500+ downloads
      Github Link
    3. Screen Filter - Screen filter app to reduce brightness along with customisable filters
      1000+ downloads